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Horse Creek Ranch
Jackson, Wyoming
(307) 733-6556
[email protected]
The A-OK Corral and Trophy Mountain / Horse Creek Outfitters are permittees of the BTNF and are proud to be equal opportunity service providers.
Licensed by the Wyoming Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides: License #BG114

A-OK Corral Horseback Rides

2019 Prices
Hourly Horseback Rides
Mon- Fri 8am-7pm, Sat. 8am-5pm, Closed Sunday

One Hour Ride $40.00
Two Hour Ride $55.00
Three Hour Ride $70.00
Half Day Ride $85.00
Full Day Ride $150 Price includes sack lunch
Evening Sunset Ride Two-Hour Ride for $50.00       (5:00 - 7:00p.m. Mon-Fri)
All Day Fishing Ride $225 Price includes sack lunch

Ride Descriptions:

One-Hour Snake River Ride: If you are a nervous-novice rider, or have young children this is the ride for you. The one hour ride is a flat-easy going ride that parallels the Snake River. It goes out a half-an-hour and back. If you're looking to have the experience of riding a horse, giving your young children the opportunity to ride, or just wanting a short ride the one hour ride is great. Children 6 and up can do the one hour ride.

Two-Hour Horse Creek Mesa Ride: Have a birds-eye view of the Horse Creek Drainage and the Snake River as it winds through the valley! Our two-hour ride is full of scenic views and breathtaking vistas. It starts in the flat, but quickly starts you up the mountain where you have a gentle climb through the trees. When it opens up on top you get all the great views of the surrounding area. You then loop around and return back to the corral. Children 8 and up can do the two hour or any of the longer rides.

Three-Hour Horse Creek "water crossing" Ride: If splashing through the creek is something you would like to do on your horseback ride we recommend this ride. You see all of the great views that you do on the two hour ride, but then continue down to Horse Creek where you get to cross the creek and then circle back and return to the corral.

Half Day Wilderness Boundary Ride: See all the great scenic views and ride right to the Gros Ventre Wilderness Boundary. This ride is for those who want to ride a little further and have a chance of seeing more wildlife. A great option is to do a picnic lunch at mid-point and then return.

All Day Horse Creek Wilderness Ride: This is the whole experience for those who want to spend a day enjoying the mountains of Jackson Hole! Enjoy a full day in the saddle riding in the Horse Creek area. You will see beautiful scenic views, wildflowers, and a lot of creek crossings on this ride. Not to mention the opportunity to see wildlife. Lunch is included.

We also to offer horseback trail rides out of the Willow Creek Trailhead with Willow Creek Horseback Rides.  Ask us about doing a ride in the pristine Willow Creek area!

horses at A-OK Corral   scenery at the A-OK Corral

Easy to find and located only 15 minutes south of Jackson.

Please call 307-733-6556 or email us at [email protected] with questions or to make a reservation.

Reservations are not required, but are recommended. Walk-ins welcome!

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